The Court may exercise its jurisdiction over ICC crimes committed in the territory or by the nationals of Colombia since 1 November 2002, following Colombia’s ratification of the Statute on 5 August 2002. However, the Court only has jurisdiction over war crimes since 1 November 2009, in accordance with Colombia’s declaration pursuant to Article 124 of the Rome Statute.

Up to and including 01 June 2013, the OTP has received 141 communications under Article 15 in relation to the situation in Colombia. Of these, 20 were manifestly outside the Court’s jurisdiction and 94 are analysed in the context of the preliminary examination. On 2 March 2005, the Prosecutor informed the Government of Colombia that he had received information on alleged crimes committed in Colombia that could fall within the jurisdiction of the Court. Since then, the Prosecutor has requested and received additional information on (i) crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court and (ii) the status of national proceedings.

In November 2012, the Office published an interim report summarizing its findings with respect to jurisdiction and admissibility, and outlining the  five areas of continuing focus: (i) follow-up on the Legal Framework for Peace and other relevant legislative developments, as well as jurisdictional aspects relating to the emergence of ‘new illegal armed groups;’ (ii) proceedings relating to the promotion and expansion of paramilitary groups; (iii) proceedings relating to forced displacement; (iv) proceedings relating to sexual crimes; and, (v) false positive cases.

For more information see the 2012 Interim Report on the Situation in Colombia and the annual Report on Preliminary Examination Activities.​

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