The Prosecutor v. Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein

Case Information Sheet: English, Français, عربي

Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein

Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein

Age: Over sixty

Place of birth: Born in or around Dankla in Karma city in North Khartoum

Nationality: Sudanese

Status: Current Minister of National Defence and former Minister of the Interior and former Sudanese President's Special Representative in Darfur

Warrant of arrest: 1 March 2012

Status of proceedings: The execution of the arrest warrant is pending


The warrant of arrest for Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein ("Hussein") lists thirteen counts on the basis of his individual criminal responsibility under article 25(3)(a) of the Rome Statute as an indirect (co)perpetrator including:

  • Seven counts of crimes against humanity: persecution (article 7(l)(h)); murder (article 7(1)(a)); forcible transfer (article 7(1)(d)); rape (article 7(1)(g)); inhumane acts (article 7(l)(k)); imprisonment or severe deprivation of liberty (article 7(l)(e)); and torture (article 7(1)(f)).
  • Six counts of war crimes: murder (article 8(2)(c)(i)); attacks against a civilian population (article 8(2)(e)(i)); destruction of property (article 8(2)(e)(xii)); rape (article 8(2)(e)(vi)); pillaging (article 8(2)(e)(v)); and outrage upon personal dignity (article 8(2)(c)(ii)).