The Prosecutor v. Bosco Ntaganda

Case Information Sheet: English, Français

Bosco Ntaganda

Bosco Ntaganda Former alleged Deputy Chief of the Staff and commander of operations of the Forces Patriotiques pour la Libération du Congo [Patriotic Forces for the Liberation of Congo] (FPLC)
Prosecution’s application for the first warrant of arrest 12 January 2006
First Warrant of arrest issued by Pre-Trial Chamber I:
Issued under seal on22 August 2006
Unsealed on28 April 2008
Prosecution’s application for the second warrant of arrest14 May 2012
Second warrant of arrest issued by Pre-Trial Chamber II13 July 2012
Voluntary Surrender to the ICC’s custody: 22 March 2013
Confirmation of charges hearing: 10-14 February 2014
Decision on the confirmation of charges against Bosco Ntaganda: 9 June 2014
​Current status: In ICC custody


On 9 June 2014, Pre-Trial Chamber II unanimously confirmed charges consisting in 13 counts of war crimes (murder and attempted murder; attacking civilians; rape; sexual slavery of civilians; pillaging; displacement of civilians; attacking protected objects; destroying the enemy's property; and rape, sexual slavery, enlistment and conscription of child soldiers under the age of fifteen years and using them to participate actively in hostilities) and 5 counts of crimes against humanity (murder and attempted murder; rape; sexual slavery; persecution; forcible transfer of population) against Bosco Ntaganda allegedly committed in 2002-2003 in the Ituri Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Bosco Ntaganda bears individual criminal responsibility pursuant to different modes of liability, namely: direct perpetration, indirect co-perpetration (article 25(3)(a) of the Statute); ordering, inducing (article 25(3)(b) of the Statute); any other contribution to the commission or attempted commission of crimes (article 25(3)(d) of the Statute); or as a military commander for crimes committed by his subordinates (article 28(a) of the Statute).