The Prosecutor v. Laurent Gbagbo

Case Information Sheet: English, Français

Laurent Gbagbo

Laurent Koudou Gbagbo

Ivorian national and former President of Côte d’Ivoire

Prosecution application for warrant of arrest: 25 October 2011

Warrant of arrest issued by Pre-Trial Chamber III:
Under seal 23 November 2011
Unsealed on 30 November 2011

Transfer to the ICC's custody: 30 November 2011

Initial Appearance: 5 December 2011

Confirmation of charges hearing: 19-28 February 2013

Decision on the confirmation of charges against Laurent Gbagbo : 12 June 2014

Opening of the trial: scheduled on 7 July 2015


Laurent Gbagbo is accused of having engaged his individual criminal responsibility for four counts of crimes against humanity, in Abidjan,  Côte d'Ivoire, jointly with members of his inner circle and through members of the pro-Gbagbo forces (article 25(3)(a) of the Rome Statute) or, in the alternative, for ordering soliciting and inducing the commission of these crimes (article 25(3)(b) of the Rome Statute) or, in the alternative, for contributing in any other way to the commission of these crimes (article 25(3)(d) of the Rome Statute):

  • murder,
  • rape,
  • other inhumane acts or – in the alternative – attempted murder,
  • and persecution

These crimes were allegedly committed between 16 and 19 December 2010 during and after a pro-Ouattara march on the RTI headquarters, on 3 March 2011 at a women's demonstration in Abobo, on 17 March 2011 by shelling a densely populated area in Abobo, and on or around 12 April 2011 in Yopougon.