Basic Legal Texts

The Official Journal

The Official Journal of the ICC was created pursuant to regulation 7 of the Regulations of the Court and contains the following texts and amendments there to:

  1. The Rome Statute;
  2. The Rules of Procedure and Evidence;
  3. The Elements of Crimes;
  4. The Regulations of the Court;
  5. The Regulations of the Office of the Prosecutor;
  6. The Regulations of the Registry;
  7. The Code of Professional Conduct for counsel;
  8. The Code of Judicial Ethics;
  9. Staff rules of the International Criminal Court;
  10. The Staff Regulations;
  11. The Financial Regulations and Rules;
  12. The Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the International Criminal Court;
  13. Agreement between the International Criminal Court and the United Nations;
  14. The Headquarters Agreement with the Host State;
  15. Any other material as decided by the Presidency in consultation with the Prosecutor and/or the Registrar.

Legal Tools 

The Legal Tools Project aspires to equip users with the legal information, digests and software required to work effectively with international criminal law.

It seeks to serve as a complete virtual library on international criminal law and justice. The Tools comprise the largest online collection of relevant documents and legal digests available through the Case Matrix application. Some 13 collections of legal documents are included, together with four legal research and reference tools developed by lawyers connected with the Court and external partners: the Case Matrix, the Elements Digest, the Proceedings Digest and the Means of Proof Digest.

Text in these tools - or the organization of legal information in the collections - does not necessarily represent views of the ICC, any of its Organs or any participants in the proceedings before the ICC.